Connecting Machine Learning to the Open Market.

We make the crypto-market efficient, ensuring low spreads, efficient charts, chainless rates, institutional efficiency, black liquidity and fair valuations.

Micro AI connects Machine Learning with the Open Market by binding Quantitative Algorithms with Deep Learning.
Autonomous ai trading

Intelligently Taken Trades based on an Ocean of Data

Micro AI uses up to 10,000,000+ constantly refreshing data points per second, to recalculate, open and close positions. Learning and Improving with every new data flowing in.

Ai powered high frequency trading

Algorithms x AI

Disrupting a $100bn market by using the largest financial dataset on earth (Ethereum) to train Ai powered HFT models.
Our MLT-HFT solutions are already up & running.

finding Market undervaluations

Scanning Ethereum and X

Micro AI focuses on identifying market undervaluations in real-time, utilizing a continuous feedback loop to refine its strategies. Screener AI assists in this process, reevaluating over 1000+ tokens every minute and scans through digital content to ensure informed and strategic operations.

Some Algorithms by Micro AI

Micro AI is not just one algorithm, but a swarm of intelligently taken market orders that get information from 100+ algorithms, which are getting their data from over 100,000,000 constantly refreshing end-points.

Futures Future
BuilT in julia & PYTHON
FuturesFuture is using DYDX <-> Bloomberg Data Aggregation to intelligently take news-trades. FuturesFuture is also used to for other algorithms which hold long-term positions to recalculate data. Everything in lightning-speed. Outpacing Competition and Humans.
On-Chain-Money-Flow (OCMF) treats Ethereums capital like waves of hype. It intelligently predicts new waves with the help of Arkham and our Social Feeds (IRA & IRAX). OCMF is in a symbiosis with Screener, both benefit from each other’s perspectives.
On Chain Money Flow
BuilT in julia
Screener AI
Screener was the beginning of Micro AI. Screener automatically scans newly generated pairs on Uniswap, frontruns sniping bots, and holds token which are labeled as a 'Strong Buy'.
Layerless is a market maker for wrapped tokens or tokens on several chains, ensuring same price rates even with low liquidity on one chain. AI calculated buying & selling pressure. Layerless Bot is able to be booked by protocols. AIaaS. (ETA: 2024 Q4)
Layerless Bot (In Development)

Let's talk Market Making

We are already more capital-efficient and have faster execution speed than our competiton. Experience a new level of efficiency on your CEX/DEX, where large traders love to trade.

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Micro AIs HFT Solutions are perfectly suited for providing an efficient market. Take a look for yourself and book a demo with us:

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